We started Fralenco in 1989 because we realized that there was a need for new types of Invitations.

From the start, we broke away from the original, plain white and cream mass produced cards that all printers used for many years.

We wanted to start a new fresh trend. We brought in different colours, shapes, styles embellishments etc. to make the cards more interesting and personal. We wanted couples to have Wedding Stationery that was specially designed for them. Since we started, we create new styles-all the time, because trends keep on changing every year.

We pride ourselves in the special attention to detail when creating our cards. We like to present couples with their individually designed cards.


Save the Date - Fralenco
Save The Date

Set the theme from the start with matching Save The Date stationery.

Bachelorette Parties Invitation - Fralenco
Bachelor & Bachelorette

Invitations to bachelorette parties are made even more special with custom made unique party inspiring invitations

Wedding Invitations - Fralenco
Wedding Invitations

The first impression your family and friends will receive of what kind of wedding they can be expected is no doubt by means of your Wedding Invitations.

Celebrations , Events and Corporate

Baby Shower Invitations by Fralenco
Baby Showers

Every child is special. Share their uniqueness with custom Baby Shower stationery.

Birthday Celebration Invitations - Fralenco
Birthday Celebrations

Show that special person that they are unique with personalized Birthday Cards and invitations.

Matric Farewell Invitations - Fralenco
Matric Farewells

Each and every Matric farewell is special. It is a celebration of achievements, of life long friends and future endeavors. Make it just as special with suitable invitations and decorations.

Unveiling Invitations by Fralenco

Celebrate the life of your loved ones by expressing their life in style, design and creativity. These are the keep sakes of their life.

First impressions are always everlasting and the selection of your invitations will therefore give your guests a preview of what they can expect of your special day ….