Wedding Invitations

We will allow all your Wedding Invitations & Stationery to make a statement about both your wedding as well as about you as a couple by personalizing your stationery according to your theme, mood and colour scheme that you would best suit you.

All of Fralenco’s wedding invitations are custom madepersonalised and unique

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

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Shaped Invitations


  • You must ensure that the wording is in keeping with the type of wedding and invitations. There’s always the unpleasant sensitive matters like the non-attendance of children, bar facilities, monetary gifts as presents, gift vouchers and fashion that need to be addressed. Make thus sure that these matters are properly discussed with one another and with your parents before any wording is furnished.
  • Invitations normally get sent out 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding date and arrangements for the printing thereof must be made well in advance anything from 12 weeks – 3 months prior to the wedding date to avoid disappointment. This will allow your provider enough time to have your invitations ready on time.
  • It would be advisable to have a few extra invitations printed, the reason being that quite often someone’s name comes up who has been forgotten.
  • We find that wedding stationery has changed rapidly the last two to three years. People are moving back to the more classic styles. The vintage look is very popular, with creams, golds, damask, dusty pinks etc. The more dramatic colours are also still there- black silvers dark reds etc. Something that comes from overseas and that is now popular with some couples is the newspaper invitations and passport like invitations. Couples also like to put their photos on the invitations nowadays.