Christmas Decorations - Laser cut & Engraved

What better time than Christmas to show your creativity. Laser Cut and Engraved Christmas Decorations will really take your home, office or festive season occasion to the next level.

3D Mobile Hanging Cross by Fralenco
Mobile 3D Crosses

Hanging laser cut 3D Crosses, glam up any event and celebration. 

Christmas Tree Sayings - Fralenco
Christmas Tree Sayings

What better way than to have a Christmas Tree say it for you. Christmas Tree Sayings, a center piece and talking point.

Laser Cut Christmas Trees by Fralenco
Christmas Trees

Show that Christmas spirit, place laser cut Christmas Tree’s on all your tables.

Christmas Motifs by Fralenco
Christmas Motifs

Christmas Motifs bring the Christmas theme to life.

Custom made by Fralenco for that unique and personalised event.

Tea Lights

Tea Lights, tea lights and more tea lights, available in various shapes colours and sizes to suite any function.