Laser Cut Gifts & Engraved Gifts

As they say “It’s better to give than to receive”. Give a special custom laser cut gift that shows you know and care about the receiver. Gifts ranging from tea lights, calendars, chocolate boxes to clocks, jewelry boxes and trays. At Fralenco your gifting ideas can come to life.

3D Mobiles

3D Laser Cut Mobiles - Fralenco


Calendars by Fralenco

Chocolate Boxes

Engraved & Laser Cut Chocolate Boxes - Fralenco

Engraved 3D Crosses

Engraved Sayings

Unique, custom made and personalised – The Fralenco Way

Gift Boxes
Wooden Clocks - Fralenco
Jewelry Boxes
Laser Cut text by Fralenco
Laser Cut Wording

Tea Lights

All Occasion Gift Boxes
Plate Accessories
Notelet Boxes
Personalised Gift Boxes - Fralenco
Personalised Gift Boxes
Wine Bottle Laser Engraved - Fralenco
Wine Bottle Boxes
Laser Cut & Engraved Wine Bottle Boxes
Wine Bottle Boxes
Engraved Boxes - Corporate Gifts - Fralenco
Corporate Gifts